AKOU’s Collective Perspective will transform your team’s culture

What is team culture and why is it so important to get right? Explore how our Collective Perspective can strengthen your team and up-skill them to prove the good you do.

Why team culture is important

Team culture can sometimes be a tricky thing to get right. It requires ongoing attention, care and maintenance but doing so can result in a multitude of rewards.

Team culture really can define your organisation. With the right culture in place it can improve peoples’ performance, their wellbeing and how engaged they are. Studies have shown that culture even affects a business’s bottom line, with highly engaged teams often resulting in an increase in sales of 20%.

At AKOU we’ve worked hard from day one to instigate, build and grow our team culture. We’ve given time and space to come together as a team to establish the style and type of environment we all feel comfortable to work in.

Not to sound too boastful, but those we work with often remark on the noticeable difference they feel within AKOU compared to other organisations. It has a great effect on how people experience working with us.

Trust is key

We believe that a fundamental part of team culture is trust. For instance, trust that is built between individuals or held collectively for others as a group.

It is this trust that forms a solid foundation for mutual relationships. Ones where people respect and understand each other. At the heart of it, giving time and space to establish shared bonds between your team is a vital part of building trust.

Creating shared space for learning

We’ve explored and examined over five years worth of our own research and experiments around team culture. In addition, our work with numerous teams, networks and communities has provided rich insight.

As a result, we’ve consolidated the findings that are most poignant and necessary for challenges faced by the teams and organisations of today. With this we created a service called Collective Perspective for teams, entrepreneurs and networks of change makers.

AKOU’s Collective Perspective supports and encourages people to develop and make the most of their emotional intelligence. Through a range of activities and resulting insights, individuals gain boosts to their confidence. In addition, teams are able to establish more effective feedback loops. As a result, our process provides meaningful validation to make sure that everyone feels heard.

What the Collective Perspective can do for you and how it supports impact

Teams who use AKOU’s Collective Perspective service are able to:

  • Discover their skills and abilities relating to relationship building
  • Gain new methods to manage their important connections
  • See how relationships support people with personal development and overcome challenges
  • Reveal new opportunities for your work and activities
  • More easily understand and measure their social impact

Supporting your social impact

We know that teams and organisations are more successful when they are well connected to the communities they serve. This relies on the skills of the team. It’s all about how well people can build, manage and maintain relationships with services users, customers, collaborators, partners and each other.

AKOU’s Collective Perspective creates time and space for you and your team to think about how you connect and interact with each other. In addition it supports you to considering how relationship building affects the impact of your work.

We provide you with a suite of tools, tips and techniques to more effectively capture metrics related to relationships and social capital. Above all, the Collective Perspective takes the stress out of social impact measurement helping you to more easily prove the good you do.

If you want to start your team on the Collective Perspective or what to know more about how it can help you – fill out this short form.