Introducing ourselves.

We set up AKOU because we really care about a few fundamental things.

First, we believe that business should always come with authentic purpose. Over the past decade we have worked heavily in the world of social enterprise. Running businesses with a social focus and collaborating with others who share similar aims.

Second, we really care about making our society fairer and believe that we can only do this by improving people’s social capital and social mobility. Certain enterprises (perhaps one like yours) can be really good at building diverse networks around common space, goals, aims and ambitions. These provide real intersections for different people to come together and flourish.

Third, we want to make data work for all. We want to shift how people think about, and use data. Our aim is to build ethical data sets to produce strong evidence and prove the social impact of social enterprises, creative spaces and socially focused businesses.

Creating impact data with AKOU could mean that we find impactful answers to so many of our unsolved problems. So join us and give it a try.

Our team.

Alex Pielak

Co-founder, Design, Development and Project Delivery

Tilley Harris

Co-founder, Business Development, Community Engagement

Tash Allen

Product Management

Charlotte Klein

Research & Development

Alex Dollery

Head of Engineering

Our values.


We put the art of listening above everything and listen to learn.


We believe in making genuine connections - quality over quantity.


We always aim to protect and support creativity, diversity and difference.


We respect and value the complexity of every situation we work in.

Collaboration with creativity

Our work is led by collaboration, creativity and storytelling.

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