Prove the good you do with AKOU

We’re the social impact consultants making impact measurement meaningful.

Relationships are everything

Real impact begins and ends with connections. At AKOU we’ll collaborate with you to evidence the value you create and the connections you make.

Believing in the impact of business

Whatever business you’re in – creative, social, commercial, changemaking – AKOU will support you to collect the best kind of evidence of your work.

Find the right support for you

Community Powered Data

Our aim is for data to be owned by the people that create it, and that they themselves benefit when it is used by others.

When you choose to measure your impact with AKOU you contribute to creating Community Powered Data. This in itself has a positive impact.

Together we’ll prove the good you do whilst growing the social impact you have:

The AKOU app

Get value metrics about your network and tell people why you value them. The AKOU app makes it easy to collect social impact data from your network.

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Connector Toolkit

For individuals, leverage your relationship building traits and get support to gather valuable feedback and impact data from your network.

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The Collective Perspective

For teams of all sizes, reconnect by exploring your collective social impact. We’ll then work with you to uncover the value you deliver through your work.

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