Inspiring meaningful connection with Drivers for Change.

Social impact measurement for Drivers for Change

By using AKOU’s platform Drivers for Change were able to understand the social impact of their programme delivery, while allowing their participants to monitor and measure their own social value.


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Capturing the value of meaningful connections

Drivers for Change ran its first programme in summer 2018. 80 young changemakers were taken on an 11 day journey across the UK to meet inspiring role models, witness projects in action and connect with global and community leaders.

A network based on social value

Focusing on place based change, the journey encouraged participants to exchange ideas and skills and to support each other in order to fulfil their potential. In doing so it set out to create a network of dynamic and diverse drivers for change.

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The challenge of evaluating project impact

The programme presented a challenge. How could the impact of it be demonstrated and quantified? We provided the Drivers for Change team and participants with a platform that would help them to track the growth and development of each individual, the connections they made and the influence they had on others.

A simple process for capturing social impact

Working with Drivers for Change and PwC’s Social Impact team, we collectively established what should be measured over the course of the journey. A series of short evaluation surveys were conducted through the AKOU platform. But the main focus of the platform was the ability for each participant to track the relationships they built and assign the value that these connections added to their personal and professional development.

Building a live picture of social value

The AKOU platform provided real-time insights over the course of the journey. Participants could see how their network was growing each day. The platform gave a picture of the social value created day-by-day. Offering insight into the qualities that had helped individuals bond together. As a follow up to the journey we provided each user with an in-depth impact report, collecting together all findings and insights gathered.

Benefits for users

The participants were able to more fully understand the impact that they had on other people, giving a tangible measure of their value to each other. Drivers for Change have been able to use the data, findings and insights to report more fully (to funders and stakeholders) on the impact that the journey had.

For AKOU, the biggest outcome relating to the use of the platform was the self-confidence it gave many who used it. The data and insights inspired and encouraged people to reach out and connect to new people.

learning about place based change on Drivers for Change programme
learning about place based change in Liverpool on Drivers for Change programme
Workshop - social impact - Divers for Change programme
cities visited in 11 days
connections mapped
rated their new connections as being on the same wavelength
of bonds created were associated to their connection's humour

Useful features of the AKOU platform

The AKOU platform allows users to map out relevant connections and relationships, giving an individual an overview of their social network.

By allowing users to add location data and value data to each relationship they can see how each individual in their network brings value and vice versa. This gives each user an understanding of their own social impact and social value.

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