3Space social impact – tenant case study

Drew + Rose.

Floor 7

Key stats:


connections made in 3Space


clients on Brixton Station Road and 3Space

About Drew + Rose

Drew + Rose is a creative digital branding and marketing agency founded by Elle Moss in Brixton, in 2005. After spending eight years in offices in Clerkenwell, Drew returned to its roots in Brixton in 2019, joining 3Space on the 7th floor.

“I love Brixton, I don’t have any intention of going anywhere else.”

Impact overview

Whilst working at 3Space, Drew + Rose has been able to expand their collaborations outwards into the building, and also into Brixton itself. Given Drew + Rose’s ability to make meaningful connections and business collaborations inside 3Space and outside in the local community, they have achieved a place as one of the main sources of advice, expertise and leadership in the 3Space network map.

Drew + Rose takes the time to reinvest into the local community and economy of Brixton, and has been able to build local collaborations and connections with individuals and organisations, creating their own wider impact in the local ecosystem.

Drew + Rose has a long list of local collaborators that are located on, or in very close proximity to Brixton Station Road and International House:

  • Young Creators UK

  • Brixton Distillery

  • Brixton Brewery

  • San Marino Cafe

  • Lambeth Council

  • Urban Growth

  • Puddlemud Soapery

  • Brixton BID

See how Drew London is connected to others in 3Space, Explore the 3Space network map here..