3Space social impact – tenant case study

Business Launchpad (BLp)

Floor 1

400 young people receiving business training at Brixton site


21 businesses created at BLp Brixton since 2020


businesses test trading at BLp Brixton since 2020

About Business Launchpad

Business Launchpad (BLp) is a charity that supports young people (16-30) to start and run their businesses. They offer resources and business coaching to young people at all stages of entrepreneurship – from those at very early stages of their business ideas to those who have already started.

“Business Launchpad’s floor in Brixton provides a homely space for young people, and also gives them mental space to think about their businesses.”

Impact overview

In the Youth Innovation Hub in 3Space alone, BLp has offered 400 young people training, business coaching and space to run workshops and events and collaborate with the local small business community. The space in Brixton has allowed BLp to reach more young people in the local area who would not otherwise be able to go to their Tooting site to receive business coaching. Their floor in Brixton provides a ‘homely space’ for young people to think about their businesses.

Business Launchpad, according to the current 3Space Network Map, is a top five leader and influencer of the network, and are looked to by others as a source of advice, expertise, and information. BLp also is in the top five organisations with the highest reach across the 3Space network (outdegree), meaning that they are able to control and spark flows of information across the building.

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