3Space social impact – tenant case study


Floor 8

Key stats:


small businesses supported on the Fabric Floor since 2019


recent graduates supported since 2019


classes held on site since 2019

About Assemble

Assemble is a collective that works across multiple disciplines of art, architecture and design, founded in 2010. Since 2019, the collective has built and operates the Fabric Floor on the 8th floor of 3Space. They support the growth and development of local practitioners and businesses on their floor in 3Space by providing common facilities and resources that enable and support collaboration and co-working.

“Tenants feel very strongly and passionately about the community that exists on the floor.”

Impact overview

In 3Space, Assemble has helped create a self-sustaining ecosystem of practitioners and businesses in Brixton that have fostered collaborations and connections. There is a big emphasis on the space being available to, and affordable for, local practitioners. Consequently, the floor is a melting pot of established businesses, brands and recent graduates who are often based and living locally.

The Fabric Floor has facilitated collaborations between:

  • The Stitch School and Assemble

  • Assemble and United 80

  • Business Launchpad (BLp) and Assemble, resulting in the crossover of mentees from BLp onto the eighth floor.

Since the inception of the Fabric Floor in 2019, Assemble has provided a base that has inspired creativity and partnerships between local professionals in Brixton.

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