Top tips for measuring social impact feature in Property Week

In a new piece for Property Week, our co-founder Alex Pielak shares his experience and expertise of measuring social impact in the built environment.

Despite growing awareness around the topic, many investors, developers and real estate organisations still struggle to fully demonstrate how their projects impact people and places.

Drawing on AKOU’s recent impact report for the School of Social Entrepreneurs (SSE), which showcased how transforming data collection processes can lead to richer insights while simultaneously enhancing social impact delivery, Alex provides three top tips for meaningful measurement:

  1. start simple with your existing data
  2. ensure equity when evaluating
  3. foster mutual benefit when looking to capture new data

He explores how these approaches move beyond the ‘tick-box’ exercises of the past, helping to generate inclusive, equitable insights that make social impact more understandable and demonstrable for all.

You can read the full article on Property Week’s website here. Make sure to explore AKOU’s process for making social impact meaningful for all involved here.