Workout #4

Duration: 7 mins

We've designed this one to give you a few exercises to better harness learnings from failures.

You can do this alone or in a team.

Get started

Before you get started:

How to do the exercises:

For this workout you will be reflecting on a failing. It could be a project or event you regard as having failed.

Picture the failure, think of it like a story and draw it out. We’ll come back to this in the exercises.

Let's go

1. With your failing in mind...


What are you thankful for now, but were not at the time that it happened?

Think about how it felt at the time in comparison to now. Perhaps you are thankful for the experience now?


2. Gaining new skills and abilities


What ability did the experience draw out from me/us that was surprising?

Make a note of your thoughts. If in a group share them with each other.


3. Creating change.


Have I/we developed as a person/team/workplace because of this?

Take a few moments to reflect on this point. Note them down and share with others if you’re doing this in a group setting. 


Great work!

We hope you found the workout useful.

Please feel free to share it with anyone you know who might like it too.

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