Comprehensive insights on London’s coworking landscape to enable a feasibility assessment.

Uncovering London's coworking landscape

An in-depth feasibility assessment of a potential development site gave clients Blackstone and SUSD unique insight into London’s coworking landscape.




Data collection

Understanding coworking communities

AKOU was commissioned to assess demand for a potential alternative asset class and produce data-based research into London’s co-working landscape. We explored the groups, tribes, trends and networks operating in London’s coworking world. Using social data, we helped to better understand the key influences within London’s coworking sector.

Insights made accessible

Our insights and findings (presented in an accessible report) enabled the client to complete a thorough feasibility assessment on the development opportunity.

Getting to grips with the future of work

The future of work has always been of great interest to the AKOU team. This project allowed us to bring together our previous findings and insight on working environments and communities. We used a range of location, social and public data to give a fresh perspective. Social data helped to understand the key influences within London’s co-working world. Interviews and observations helped us to draw together a unique perspective of London’s coworking landscape.

In-depth insight into a local neighbourhood

Our clients wanted to understand the viability of their potential space as a workspace. They needed to know how they might build a focused community for their venture. Focusing on the potential development site, we studied surrounding hubs of work activity giving a flavour of employment activity and demand in the area.

This site specific information was analysed alongside upcoming local development plans and neighbouring hospitality, food and beverage offerings. This gave a detailed understanding of current local customer behaviour, demand and spend. As a result our clients gained a high level of insight into the local neighbourhood.

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