Delivering customer insights for build to rent developments in Birmingham and Leicester.

Understand build to rent customers

AKOU provided research to reveal demand for two new build to rent developments alongside providing customer insights to help refine the offer.




Data collection

Valuable evidence to prove the development business case

AKOU collaborated with Conductor Marketing to perform an analysis of the local market for new build to rent offers in the cities of Birmingham and Leicester. Our client, Longharbour, needed evidence to prove the demand for their planned developments in the cities – bringing large scale build to rent housing options to locations that have traditionally seen mostly homeownership or small private rentals. Our work helped to strengthen the business case of the development projects and to validate investor and client development plans.

Knowing what makes customers tick

We created a set of reports that gave an overview of each city. Our findings provided a picture of current renters in both Birmingham and Leicester. Giving Longharbour a greater idea of how their target market work, rest and play.

Understanding build to rent customers

We explored where they currently rent, what they want and need from their housing, where they work and what their interests are. Helping Longharbour to better understand the needs, drivers and desires of their ideal customers.

Combining data and on-the-ground voices to create a unique perspective

A range of data including location, market and social data was gathered alongside on-the-ground observations and interviews. We created a series of ideal customer persona profiles detailing where they can be found, what drives them and what needs should be met by the client’s offering.

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