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The Connector Toolkit

Leverage your network with the Connector Toolkit.

Are you a freelancer? An entrepreneur? Being your own boss is a full time job. It means you don’t always get regular feedback on your progress. You’re forever forging your own path and having to be your own guide and leader. It is hard. We know this life.

Ideal for individuals who are their own boss, our Connector Toolkit gives you invaluable feedback and insights

Get invaluable feedback from your network.

We’ll support you to develop a new way of checking in with yourself, your connections and the valuable exchanges you have. By gathering feedback and impact data from your network about the value you are creating for them, means you can keep doing what you do best for others.

With AKOU you get access to social value metrics on the relationships that make up your work and your world.

What you get:

  • Subscription to the AKOU app

  • Connector Type quiz and results analysis

  • Deep dive 1-to-1 session to discuss your strengths and challenges related to building and maintaining your network

  • 3 connection check-ins with AKOU connection consultants (over a two month period)

  • Access to AKOU’s Connector Community (a chance to connect to other Community Connectors across the county, alongside exclusive content and support materials)

We'll support you to get invaluable feedback insights.