Welcome to your

Collective Perspective Journey!

Your guide for what to expect along your way.

Welcome to your

Collective Perspective Journey!

Your guide for what to expect along your way.

Over the coming weeks, you and your team will take part in AKOU’s Collective Perspective Journey.

You’ll be exploring how you build relationships, learn new insights about yourself, and develop a better understanding of the social capital in your network.

This will help you and your team to prove the good you do and gather evidence to show your social value.

Your journey will look a bit like this:

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1. The Connector Quiz.

We’re all connectors in our own right and AKOU’s Connector Quiz helps you to find out what sort of connector you are.

It only takes 3 minutes. After, you’ll learn about your style of connecting and pick up some tips and tricks.

2. Your 1-to-1 session.

This private 40 minute session with a member of the AKOU team is just for you.

It’ll give you time and space to chat about your quiz results and reflect on how you build, manage and maintain your connections.

3. The team session.

This session consolidates learnings from the whole team so far. You’ll see how you all fit together as connectors and celebrate your relationship building strengths.

You’ll also be set up on the AKOU app. This is a critical part of the process, to start mapping your connections and showing value to others.

4. Mapping your connections with the AKOU app.

You and your team will map your connections and build up your own dataset. This will show how your work creates and sustains social capital and how that positively impacts peoples’ lives.

With the AKOU app, you’ll let people know why you appreciate them. You’ll also see why they value their connection to you. This helps to uncover, prove, and enhance the social capital in your network.

5. Impact data report.

As you use the app you will be able to see your data on your own in-app dashboard whenever you like. But we will also be sending you and your team weekly data updates.

At the end of the Collective Perspective Journey we’ll provide you with an in-depth data report showing you insights about the social impact you and your team create together.

What will this journey lead to?

This journey is a chance to gather new evidence and data to prove the impact of the work you and your team do. Along the way you will:

  • Discover and define your skills and abilities relating specifically to relationship building and managing connections

  • Reveal new opportunities for your work and activities

  • Learn more about the value of social capital

  • See how different relationships help to support each others’ personal development and overcome personal challenges

  • Gain insight into exchanges happening between people from a social and cultural perspective

About AKOU

We help teams and individuals to better understand the social impact they create through their work. Part of this process explores the social capital linked to networks.

Our data promise:

  • We treat people and their data with care and confidentiality

  • All insights collected will only be used for the project you’re a part of and will be anonymised

  • We don’t collect data to sell to advertisers

  • We don’t use people’s data without their permission

  • We don’t sell your data on to third parties

  • We’re working to make this data community-owned and we aim for people to make the most out of their own data and be adequately rewarded for it

If you have any questions, thoughts or feedback about your journey just email with charlotte@akou.co.uk