Help with

mapping your connections

Your handy guide to mapping the people you appreciate.

Help with

mapping your connections

Your handy guide to help you think of people to map.

Sometimes it can be hard to think about who to map off the top of your head.

We’ve pulled together some useful questions that can help you think who you might like to map and value on the AKOU app.

So grab a pen and paper to make some notes and maybe even draw out your network and the connections that come to mind.

Think of an area in your life, this might be connected to work, friends, or a certain place...

With this in mind...

Who do you admire for how they approach relationships?

Who do you feel most at ease around?

Who makes you laugh?

Think about the people that...

Guide and inspire you

Support you when times aren’t easy

Give you great advice

Are there connections who...

Influence your way of working and thinking


Think about your impact on others and what you might add to other people’s lives.

Is there someone who has given you positive feedback in the past? Maybe you would like to know more or just want to give something back?

We hope that has helped

You might have only covered part of your network now. See what happens if you think of a different part of your life – maybe besides your work environment.

If you have any questions, thoughts or feedback about your journey just email with