Make best use of location data

Creating impressive baseline evaluations for large scale developments and viability studies

Helping you to better manage and maximise location data

    • The AKOU platform pulls in data from a number of different sources and gives you clear, easy access 
    • We can integrate Google Places data and display it in a variety of ways
    • Our system collects new data via our inbuilt surveying feature, layering it on top of existing data

Gain a fresh perspective and save time and money

The unique difference with our solution is that it allows teams and community members to collaborate in real time by building location insights together.

      • We give you a clear overview of how different businesses are contributing to a specific area  
      • Helping you to engage effectively with many businesses at once
      • Saving you time and money
      • Creating impressive baseline evaluations of an area 
      • Help you to track the success and impact of your development over time